Here Are 7 Types of People You’ll Find On Twitter Around You

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Twitter, the place where you spit out everything, where you can talk to yourself in written. This micro blogging site gives you only 140 characters to tweet. This is where tweeting becomes an art, those who can manage a message well in 140 characters are the real winners. These 140 characters could entertain you as well as annoy you, depending on the tweeter. So, there are 7 types of people you will surely encounter if you often wander on twitter.

1. The Udaas Lisa

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The poets of twitter, they set their deewan, whenever they feel like.They tweet sad poetry about December in march. “I want to cry, I want to cry! Tears from heaven falling from my eyes”.

2. Quarrelsome

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They jump in every discussion, make it controversial and jump out. Well, there’ll be no fun if there’ll be no beef.

3. Unfollowers

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The ones who follow you, ask for following back and after you follow them back they unfollow you. Better consult a psychologist, dunno.

4. Tweeting 24/7

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They will be on your TL 24/7. They have a difference of seconds in between their two tweets. They have especial ability to tweet about everything happening around them.

5. “Taken” and  “No DMs” Caution

Source: PopSugar

Thanks for mentioning “taken” I was about to send a rishta. And then comes those who write “No DMs” in their bio. Thank God, now twitter gives an option to accept DMs from the people you want to DM you. No more no DMs.

6. Die Hard Fan

Source: Imgur

You will find them in every corner of the world, the die heart fans of a celebrity, and that’s one reason they are on twitter.

7. Eggs

Source: Geekie Chic – blogger

In the memory of eggs. Though twitter has changed its “egg” default avatar to a silhouette avatar, all gray. But still, there will be people who will always remain hatchlings on twitter unless they know how to tweet and what to tweet.

These are just 7 of them, do you know of any more? If so, do let us know!

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