7 Types of Best Friends We All Have

1. Phaddey Baaz Friend

This person is the one who you can count on when you have a fight with someone. They love fights more than anyone and will be willing to fight with everyone fro you. For them it doesn’t matter if the other person id older than them, younger than them or from the opposite gender. They. Are. Going. To. Fight. Period.


2. The Rich Friend

This friend ends up paying for everything you buy when you’re with them. They give the most amazing treats and all the parties they host are a must go. They spend a lot of money and don’t think twice before doing so.


3. Party Animal

These friends love to party. Each night they’ll be at a different party dancing like their lives depended on it. They are the most fun people to be around.


4. The Whiner

They’ll cry over every minor issues. Lost their pen. *cries*. Break up ho gaya. *cries*. Koi marr gaya. *cries*. They often complain that no one understands them and whine about everything.


5. The In Love Friend

With these friends you get their partners for free. Their better half would always accompany you, in person or via phone. BUT THEY’LL ALWAYS BE THERE. Also all the plans have to be run past them before you and your friends could finalize something.


6. Treat Lover

These friends just come to you for treats. “Firs aaye ho, Jaani Treat!” “Nayi gaaari! Jaani treat.” “Bhahbi ne chorr diya? Chal koi nahi, treat!” And when it’s their turn to give the treat they are no where to be found.


7. The Annoying Friend

Everything they do gets on your nerves. And you have absolutely no idea why. Even looking at their face annoys you. But you’ll be there when they need you, and they’ll be there when you need them to be.


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