7 Times John Green Made You Cry!

Most famously known for “Looking For Alaska” and “The Fault In Our Stars”, author John Green never fails to make you cry. And not just cry, but emotional-trauma-break-down cry. That’s how aptly and beautifully he captures the feelings of his characters. Here are 7 times John Green made tears fall out of your eyes instantly;

1. When he explains how imperfection can still be lovable


2. When he explains why it hurts

john green 2

 3. When John Green questions the value of appearance

john green 3

 4. When he dissects the struggle that is life

john green 5

5. When John Green pinpoints the intensity of pain

john green 4

6. When he highlights the importance of love

john green 6

7. When John Green tells how important it is to live each day as it comes

john green 7

So, which book are you getting hold of first?

Beware; emotional roller coaster ahead!


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