7 Times Fans Completely Lost It For Their Favorite Celebrities!

We’d all go nuts if we were to bump into our favorite celebrity, or get the slightest chance to interact with them. But here are 7 instances when fans absolutely lost every bit of sanity they ever had for their favorite celebrities:

1. Wrote a letter with her menstruation blood:

The famous Korean actor and singer, Taecyeon, received fan mail from a girl, written with her menstruation blood! As if this wasn’t bizarre enough, the letter had her pubic hair sprinkled all over it.


Source: orzzzz.com

It read:

“I dedicate to Taecyeon my period blood letter
Ok Taecyeon, You cannot live without me
Sprinkled with a few strands of my pubes.”

2. Saved the hair that touched Justin Bieber!

This Belieber saved the portion of her hair that touched Justin Bieber when they had met.


Source: twitter.com

It’s a good thing she decided not to cut off her arm and save it as a memento!

3. Speaking of limbs, this fan broke her leg to look like Jessie J:

Not only did this teenage girl break her leg to resemble the singer, but she tracked down Jessie J’s personal details to send her pictures of herself along with notes!

jessie j

Source: dailymail.co.uk

She is reported to have texted Jessie J numerous times too, saying that she would go to any lengths to look like her!

4. Tattooed Miley Cyrus’ name all over his body:

Carl McCoid has spent hundreds of pounds getting Miley Cyrus’s name and pictures tattooed all over his body. He keeps posting the images of his tattoos on social media hoping that Miley would notice him someday and meet him.


Source: muzyka.onet.pl

Oh, he also claims Miley Cyrus is his wife!!!

5. Got plastic surgeries to look like Superman!

Herbert Chavez has undergone numerous procedures, including thigh implants, chin augmentation and rhinoplasty among others, to resemble the Superman actor, Christopher Reeves.


Source: stuff.co.nz

6. Sent Dolly Parton a newborn as a gift!

Somebody left a newborn outside the American singer’s house and had named it after one of her most popular music records, Jolene.


Source: dlisted.com

7. Paid £63000 just to kiss Ricky Martin!

This female fan outbid everyone by agreeing to pay around £63,000 at a charity auction to kiss the famous singer, who by the way, is gay.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

How far would you go for your  favorite celebrities what is the extent of your obsession, comment below!

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