7 Things You Should Think About Before Getting Married

Of course there are quite a few benefits of getting married but here are some of the less favorable aspects of the whole marriage system. A few points that you should think long and hard about before finally deciding to get married…

1. Freedom to travel

You Lose The Freedom To Go where You Want And Do What You Feel Like Doing

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2. Choice of social circle

You No Longer Have Your Own Friends Both You And Your Partner Have A Combination Of Friends

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3.Forced to meet relatives

Your Must Meet Your Significant Others Annoying Relatives

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4. Children – They are expensive and stressful

Mai Thumhary Bachay Ke Maa Bannay Wali Hoon

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5. Unnecessary fights

Those Fights That Happen Just Because Your Tired Of Each Other Not For Any Specific Reason

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6. Idleness and fatness

Now This one Doesn’t Sound Too Bad


7. Disagreements that are non-negotiable

Sometimes You Just Reach The End Of Your Patience’s And Finally Snap

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However marriage has its beautiful moments as well that make all the annoyances worth it.

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