7 Things You Should Never Say To A Tall Person

7 Things You Should Never Say To A Tall Person

I have always been tall . 5.10 to be exact!! Yeah yeah I know I am taller than 80% of the guys in our country. In other countries to be a tall is elegant, sexy and hot, but here its another story. So here I share with you the top awkwardness of a desi tall girl.

1. Mat Khao Aur Kitna Lamba Hona Hai…



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When you in your pre-teens all the muhallay wali aunties and rishtadars look what goes in your mouth. They constantly warn your mother to stop giving you food, as starving might put a stop to the height.

2. Kad Daikha Hai Apna, Hato!!


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If you were good friends with all your cousins and muhallay walay friends, so sweetheart that is about to end with each inch in your height. Apparently your height is a constant jealous factor for all those kho kho and barf pani wale boys and your are left alone and inside with your nani! Pathetic!

3. Pagal Hogai Ho? Heels Ko Mat Daikho


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Guys heels are sexy and so attractive. But which fashion police says that tall girls cant wear them?, awaen pabandi lga di hai. Now we just look with tongues drooling at those shiny black heels. Kash!!

4. Thora Pechay Chalo


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You are always the girl that is not allowed to walk with the rest of the group as they are constantly threatened by your height and all of a sudden suffer from dwarf anxiety as if its all your fault.

5. Is This Available In Larger Size?


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“No, I’m sorry ma’am , this is the largest size available”. ughhh! Why do the designers forget that girls could go beyond 5 feet? You always just look at your friends and sisters purchasing dresses one after one while you are sitting on the sofa commenting and brooding!

6. Uff Itna Lamba Larka Kahan Sy Milay Ga?


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That dreaded question we tall girls start hearing since school. Ooo bhai mil jai ga!! And secretly praying each day for his arrival. Some of the guys in university and college admire your height while the rest stare like “Haww Haaye”

7. Tum Pakro Tumhara Hi Haath Jaega


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Now you are designated as a ladder in every situation.


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