7 Things You Can Relate To If Your Best-friend is a Libra

With October upon us, it’s officially Libra season. Generally, they are known as introvert, moody and intellectual. But other than that, they are extremely curious and never set themselves for anything less than their worth.

The reason why they make good friends is because they are master of relationships. How to make someone settle down and how to make someone happy, Libra knows all. Here are the 7 reasons you can relate if you have a Libran best friend friend or sibling

1. Your Personal Fashion Designer

If Your Best friend is a Libra and a Fashion Designer

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They know it all. Short shirt with ghaire wali shalwar or regular pyjamas with kurta. You can borrow their clothing easily which they will only be happy to lend you.

2. They Are the Life of Every Party

If Your Best friend is a Libra and a Party Rocker

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Whenever you go for outing, only Libras will make you enjoy all the time. They are natural communicators. Socializing for them is a basic human need. Their Facebook followers might be annoying but you can’t plan a party without them though.

3. The Only Weak Point Of Libra – Decision Making

If Your Best friend is a Libra and a Bad Decision Maker

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Because of Libras’ famous quality of being indecisive, you are at liberty to order the food all the time.

4. They Have a Charismatic Personality

If Your Best friend is a Libra and has a Charismatic Personality

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No matter what the place, time or surrounding is, as long as you are alongside a Libra, you can count on being in the center of attention. They possess the magical charm that hypnotizes people.

5. Your Problem Solver

If Your Best friend is a Libra and a Problem Solver

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Whether you are having difficulties in planning your first date or exhausted with assignments, only Libra friend – natural problem-solver will dissolve the tension in no time.

6. All Time Fun Partner

If Your Best friend is a Libra and so sensitive

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Libras are a sort of adventurous people. They never spend their weekends in pajamas unlike Cancerians and you are also suppose to join them in their fun time.

7. Yes, They Are Sensitive Too!


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Because of their sincerity about their emotions, Libras find it easy to relate to other people’s struggles and challenges. They are the most sympathetic among 12 Zodiac Signs. Even though some might see sensitivity as a downfall, Libras are certainly not afraid to portray their feelings.

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