10 Things We All Do Without Realizing It!

There are things about us we think others will judge us for if they ever found out. But here’s the thing, we may not know it, but everyone does it. Here are 10 things we all do without realizing it;

1. Resort to our hands to check the difference between left and right



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2. Count the number of hours we’d get to sleep each night



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3. Have entire conversations with ourselves



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4. Rehearse arguments and confrontations in our heads


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5. Clean our rooms and wardrobes because it helps us find direction in life


cleaning spree
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6. Think about random embarrassing moments before we sleep



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7. Look at a random person in the shop and imagine what their story might be



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8. Take off the earphones if we lose our way



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9. Read and re-read entire conversation threads when we’re bored



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10. Think ” Ohmygod you two had sex!” and imagine what it must be like, after a couple announces they’re having a baby.


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Except for being a little crazy, we’re all stable people.


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