7 Things To Consider Before Buying A Smartphone

1. Size

Width and weight is an essential variable to be considered while purchasing a cell phone. HTCONESilver_Left_BIG

Source: www.broadcom.com

2. Camera

For many individuals the camera could be the element that might tilt the scales for or against a specific cell phone. While most cell phones these days come furnished with no less than a 5 Megapixels camera, the amazing ones have a camera with 30 or more Megapixels.


Source: www.gsmnation.com


3. Your Budget

This is a no brainier. Before you even consider purchasing a cell phone, set your financial plan and make sure you

stick to it.


Source: www.theweek.co.uk

4. Screen size and Quality

You should search for a cell phone that offers the right type of screen size and screen quality according to your financial plan.honor-7_3419528b


5. Operating System

 Cell phones run on OS and the choices are Android OS, iOS, Microsoft Phone 7, Blackberry OS, webOS, Symbian and so on. iOS is utilized just by Apple telephones and tablets. Android OS is extremely prominent and utilized a variety of models. Despite the fact that Windows phones are not as prominent as Android or iOS, it is very easy to use and is gradually gaining fame in the OS market.


Source: www.kgns.tv

6. Hardware Configuration

if you want to play High definition games on your smartphone, you might need a processor such as the Qualcomm snapdragon 810 and no less than 2 GB of RAM to run with it. Then again if you want it just for surfing the web and running some apps then a double center processor and 512 MB of RAM might suffice.


Source: www.talkandroid.com

7. Storage space

Most smartphone these days offer up to 16 GB of storage capacity which is sufficient space for storing pictures, videos, and songs. Some users like to add extra memory to augment storage capacity.



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