7 Things That Prove Your Siblings Are Your Best Friends!

The bond we share with our siblings is a special and unique one; you take the concern and care of a parent, and the candidness and love of a friend, combine it, and the end result is the relationship that you have with your siblings. These are the things that close siblings can relate to;

1. You have covered up for your siblings and vice versa

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2. You guys converse with face expressions


3. You and your sibling can talk about anything under the sun. No judging


4. If your sibling hates someone, you hate that person by extension too

may i kill him

5. You give each other constant reality checks


6. You call each other all sorts of horrible nicknames


7. Home doesn’t feel like home when they aren’t around

sibling love

Unconditional love. That’s what it is.

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