7 Things That Happen When You’re The Only One With A DSLR In The Group!

DSLRs are the ‘in’ thing today. Owing to our awaam’s dp-obsession and obsession with expensive things in general, people with those fancy-looking, professional cameras are really sought after. And why not? Those machines make us look so gorgeous and flawless (well, at least in pictures).

So in Pakistan, if you happen to be the one behind the lens, you will know no rest. Here’s why:

1. You automatically become the tech god of the group.


2. You’re the first person to be invited to group gatherings. Reason? Your DSLR.


3. And if, God forbid, you forget your DSLR, it’s like you never existed for them.

forgetting the dslr

4. They make you take a zillion pictures in a zillion different poses.


4. As soon as the gathering ends, your friends expect the 729919 pictures edited and uploaded on Facebook.


5. You automatically become their family’s wedding photographer.


6. You don’t get even a single good picture at any of the gatherings.


7. And, if any of your friends ask to borrow your DSLR..


Even with all the free photography that your friends really chew your brain for, having that flashy DSLR is worth it, because, well, the shashka. And that’s all that matters here, isn’t it?

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