7 Things That Happen When You’re Stuck In Traffic!

You’ll be able to relate to these if you’ve been a victim of the Shahrah-e-Faisal or Saddar traffic;

1. It rains swearwords. Because what better way to let the frustration out?

traffic 22

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2. The lane you’re in refuses to budge.

traffic 2

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3. If you’re going home, your parents have called you 9877 times to ask you where you are…


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4. Add to that the orchestra of horns and sirens around you; congratulations, you now have a blinding headache.


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5. And the phone HAS to die, obviously


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6. The radio will play the shittiest music after your phone’s battery is dead !


7. You hate yourself for not living nearby.

traffic 1

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8. And sometimes when your car breaks down…


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May God give us patience to deal with such trying times. Amen.

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