7 Things That Happen On New Year’s Eve In Karachi

It’s New Year’s Eve and Karachites are all set for the ”eventful” night!

Here’s how the 31st is special for the city of lights;

1. Containers, Containers EVERYWHERE!


containers-1 copy

picture source: dawn


2. Chalo Chalo SUB Dolmen Mall Clifton Chalo!


Dolmen-2 copy

picture source: soul.pk

3. Sub kay Favorite; Police Walay


pizap.com14515504724621 copy

picture source: wordpress


4. Ideal Way to Celebrate? Bike Se Silencer Nikal Do



source: plus.google



5. Anda Dhun Hawai Firing


get (1)

source: disqus


6. Hours Of Traffic



source: wifflegif


7. While The Rest Make ”New Year, New Me” Posts On Facebook



source: giphy


New Year’s Eve? ALWAYS a let down.

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