7 Things That Happen If You’re A “Modern” Pakistani

In an era where conservatism and intolerance have become synonymous with Pakistani society, being labeled ‘modern’ by nosy relatives with a disapproving look and a taunting tone means you’ve committed the unforgivable sin of being liberal.

I mean, really, how could you? How could you not live up to the hypocritical, chauvinistic and misogynistic standards that your society has painstakingly instilled in you?

Here are the struggles you’ll face as punishment for those “liberal khayalat” of yours:

1. Pseudo-Islamic relatives will now take it upon themselves to issue fatwas against how un-Islamic your ideas and notions are.

“Haram beta! Haram hai yeh!”


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2. Being “modren” means you party, and mingle with the opposite sex too much.

Really, why would liberal have to do with tolerance or being accepting of differences?


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3. “Iski Shaadi karado!”

The only solution to remedy any pervasive psychological disease in Pakistan, especially liberalism.

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4. Good luck explaining to your family why you think women and men are equal.


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5. That you’re having an affair, is a given.


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6. Your family will lose absolutely no time in speculating that you’re inclining towards atheism, or worse, a different religion.


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7. Trying to propagate logic and rationality singlehandedly is, well, impossible.

 To say the least. You just can’t point out the flaws in mindless cultural rituals based on logical reasoning because that’s just not how it works. Also, ‘behas mat karo.’

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