10 Things People With Anxiety Will Understand!

10 Things People With Anxiety Will Understand!

If you’re always excessively ruminating about small situations or situations that don’t even exist, you’ll be able to understand these:

1. Over-thinking is, unfortunately, your favorite thing to do



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2. Social interaction can be a Herculean task

socially awks

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3. If someone doesn’t reply in around 2 minutes, you think of a million ways you might’ve upset them



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4. You think people judge you and talk about you, all the time




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5. Everything has to be planned out carefully and rehearsed around 75627 times

Spontaneous is just not your thing.


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6. The constant unease is exhaustive


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7. But you can’t stop no matter how hard you try


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8. Nothing’s more elusive than a good night’s sleep


Source: sadquotes.xyz


9. People have told you countless times to “relax” and “chill out”


But that really isn’t an option.

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10. Even small things like checking your email make you panic


Source: rebloggy.com

You’re basically ALWAYS freaking out!


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