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7 Things People Who Work In Advertising Will Understand

If you work for an advertisement agency, these are the things you’ll be able to relate to:

1. You can’t help but pick faults and analyse every ad you see, down to its last faults


Source: buzzfeed.com

2. Trying to understand your client’s specifications like…


Because they’re obviously always right.

Source: tumblr.com


3. And then watch them criticize your ideas even though they don’t know shit

Or hearing the dreaded “This has room for improvement”. Yes. Sure it does.


Source: giphy.com

4. There’s no such thing as a 9-5

You’re basically working 30 hours a day.


Source: tumblr.com

5. Especially because any progress will only be made after your client approves it


Because you’ve been waiting for THAT long..

Source: funnyjunk.com

6. So you’ve just learnt to sleep in the office first chance you get


There’s no such thing as discomfort.

Source: telegraph.co.uk

7. Getting things done on an urgent basis is no novelty to you

But you still bang your head against a wall everytime the “Get this done ASAP” message comes your way

bang head

Source: pinterest.com

It is not an easy life.


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