7 Things People Obsessed With Stationery Will Understand!

Do you compulsively collect notebooks, pens, highlighters and post-its, and then obsess over them continuously? These are the things you’ll be able to relate to if you’re a stationery freak:

1. You’re OCD about your stationery


Source: tumblr.com

2. If anyone wants to borrow your stationery, you’re the person they go to


stationery goals

*mentally stabs you*

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3. You can’t stop complaining about how they never return it


Source: teen.com

4. Approximately 90% of your budget goes to maintaining the stationery collection


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5. And your friends think you might just be an alien


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6. Your parents give you shit when you order 10 Moleskine notebooks online, but you’re just like


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7. When you’ve lost motivation in life, new stationery is just what you need


Source: happilyunmarried.com

Rushing to the store to get a notebook. BRB.


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