7 Things Only The Oldest Child In The Family Can Understand

The firstborn is the most awaited member of the family. Our families say that the first child is also the most loved, but all these emotions come with a lot of baggage. The struggle the first child of the family go through is real.

Very, Very Real.

1. The Guinea Pig


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The first baby is defiantly a “practicing piece”. The first time parents do not know what they are doing or how it will be done. Hence, things are very awkward, they do everything they think is right, try weird new, fun or unconventional things. They learn as their child grows, make, re-make decisions. They are mostly strict and possessive about the first child, but soften down easily too.

So, all you younger brothers and sisters reading this, respect the eldest, because they are the reason your parents know how to be parents. Not even kidding.

2. Stricter Rules Apply on You


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Because you are the practice baby, your parents are more cautious when it comes to allowing you to do things. Whatever you ask for, you will be denied. You will be taught about patience above all.

That is why when the younger siblings get to the same age, they are allowed things you weren’t.

3. The “Please, You Are Older. Be Responsible” One


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The eldest has to be really responsible, even in his or her subconscious. They have to act a certain way, talk and behave like this ultimate perfect kid, because the younger ones are always looking up to them and they are under the constant scrutiny of the parents.

This, in the long run is a good thing, but it invades them of being reckless and fun in their childhood.

4. The Official Family Secret Keeper


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The eldest kid is the parent’s safety deposit; both of them are very close to the eldest so they share every detail of their past with the kid. The burden is unbearable at times and the kid is also well, just a child, but with all the unwanted knowledge of their parents past, it gets weird sometimes.

Also, the younger ones always beseech them for advise, which is also a cool thing.

5. The Muft Ka The Baby Sitter 


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Another one of the many responsibilities is to act like a mother/father to siblings when parents are not around. Bathe them, clean their poop and feed them just like it’s any other day, along with going about your on everyday life. Again, robbed of being the eldest along with the extra responsibility may be frustrating, but the power over the younger ones is a bliss.

6. You Are Setting An Example For Other Siblings So Please, “Be Perfect”


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After making through all of this, the oldest is presumed to be the perfect child because the parents worked hardest on them, didn’t they?

You have to ‘set an example’ for the younger ones. You have to “be the mature” and “act responsible” in every situation.

7. “Share Everything With Us”


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You have to share everything with everyone to set an example. And you have to do this, even if you don’t want too. Also, that youngest rat wont share anything with you and that’s okay because “Bacha hai bechara.”

In the end of all this ranting, it is rewarding as well. You came first, you are loved the most, respected the most and enjoyed the attention no one else did.


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