7 Things Girls Do In Winters But They Don’t Want Others To Know About

A mug of hot black coffee with the platter of crunchy peanuts, watching horror movies while lying in the cozy blankets, and cracking silly jokes with family at the dinner table where the aromatic fried fish is going to be served, here is how most of the Pakistanis celebrate the winter season.

These are the common benefits every Pakistani enjoy, but there’s a list of other advantages only the lazy girls like me take in the winter season.

So, here we have the list of the things we girls do but shhh kisi ko batane ka nahi!

1. Warming Your Cold Hands By Putting Them Under Your Thighs


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After putting on two sweaters, socks, gloves and extra pajamas, if you still don’t feel warm then remember you have your mighty thighs to do some job. Clever!

2. No More Showers Till Next Friday


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At 16 degrees temperature, who would even dare to wash the hands; taking bath is like climbing the Mount Everest. And if you have the privilege of moisturizers and perfumes, then Jummah ke din ki Sunnat ada kerna kaafi hai. Sawab Ka Sawab Kaam Ka Kaam!

3. Greasy Hair? Hijab Le Leti Hun Aj


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You can’t handle the electric shocks from your hair every time you comb them, so oiling is the best solution for the hair hack. But wait? Office with greasy oil? No way! *blink* Hijaab chal jaega yaar!

At the moment of need, you never think about the SAMAAJ that can start labeling you as “hypocrite” and go with the new dupatta mom just brought from Sunday Bazar.

4. Picking The Chapped Skin Off Your Lips


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The most hurting and exciting thing actually. It makes you relax like you’ve done with the final assignment at the last moment.

5. No Need Of Waxing Yaar! Aise He Chalega!


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Due to the advantage of heavy sweaters in winters, waxing ki chutti…

6. Sharing Your Lip Balm, Lotion, Creams, Perfumes… With Your Besties


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If you’re not ready to take bath even after the six days, you should definitely need loads of perfume, lotion, and lip balm. Some girls, including me, are in wait of winters so that they could find their favorite fresh fruity lip balms and then love to use the new ones in every meetup plans with friends. And you’ll be then, “a friend in need is a friend indeed” for your friends.

7. Wearing the same pair of tights for a fortnight


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During the winters, you feel incredibly lazy to change clothes after clothes so you just do not bother changing that one tight because it could go on for weeks.

I am sure that there would be more things you don’t want others to know about but we’re the secret keeper girls. Keep secrets and share the awkward things you do with us!

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