7 Things Every Pakistani Feels When They Go To Study Abroad!

The tale of every Pakistani student studying abroad…

1. No One to Say, ‘Ma! Subha 9 Baje Utha Dena, Class Hai’ to.


2. I Can Be The Brand Ambassador for Maggie!

Maggie Noodles

3. I Used To Wish for Weekends Back Home! Now, I Just Need to Clean Up Some Dirty Laundry!

Dirty Laundry

4. You Even Miss Your Mother’s Scolding!!!

Desi Mom Scolding

5. Getting Sick Is Your Biggest Fear! No ‘Ma’ Available!

I Can't Get Sick

6. I Miss Home! My Life Is Only Fun On Facebook!

I Miss Home

7. You Are Actually Being Careful About Spending Money!!

Saving Money

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