7 Things Every Couple Can Learn From Shoaib Malik And Sania Mirza

We’ve come across many ‘celebrity’ couples that are too busy with their professional lives that they often end up compromising on their relationships. Then there are Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza and the things we can learn from them . . .

1. Compromise

Reaching middle ground is very important. These 2 almost always manage to find that neutral ground simply by respecting each others personal choices, and not enforcing their own preferences on each other, be it living in Dubai or deciding what profession their kids will enter into

2. Maintaining A Long Distance Relationship

For those who know, this is not an easy one to maintain and requires extra effort on both of their parts. Both their professions require constant travelling and such busy schedules often means being far away even during crucial times. They truly deserve appreciation for the sacrifices they make to make their nations proud!


3. They Support Each Other Unconditionally

From the little achievements to the BIG ones, they show support on social media if not able to do so by being physically present




4. They Respect Their Differences


5. They Have Fun Together

6. Above All They Defend Each Other


7. They Stay Dedicated To Their Relationship Without Compromising On Their Sports

We wish them all the best in life and hope they keep making their nations proud all the while balancing their professional and personal responsibilities.

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