7 Things A Psychology Student Can Relate To

The world’s questions and misconceptions will chase you to the grave if you’re studying Psychology, especially in Pakistan. These are some of the things Psychology students can relate to;

1. Justifying your choice to your parents;

Why? Is their million dollar question. Why did their child, whom they raised with such love and care, choose such a disappointment of a career?

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2. Then explaining it to your relatives;

This is especially tough if you happen to be a guy; why did you choose a ‘larkion ka’ subject?

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3. Being labeled a ‘Dimag ka doctor’;

Trying to explain to everyone what the basic difference between a neurosurgeon and a psychologist is. And between a psychologist and a psychiatrist.

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4. Self diagnosing;

You’ve learn’t about so many psychological disorders that you’re convinced you suffer from at least 200 or so.


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5. Using too much medical jargon;

Your talk, joke and breathe and eat in terms of neurotransmitters and disorders and areas of the brain.


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6. Proving it’s not “so easy”!

Every time someone exclaims about how “easy” Psychology is, you have to convince them how understanding and learning the diagnosis criteria of about 8276 disorders isn’t exactly easy.


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7. Convincing people you can’t exactly read minds;

“Oh, you’re a psychologist? So tell me, what am I thinking?”

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Thank you for your concern, world.


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