7 Struggles Only A Curvy Girl Can Understand

I have often seen women fretting over their weight, keeping a strict tab on their diet, and envying skinny girls all the time! Well, it’s high-time they take a chill pill and learn to embrace our curves! Your hips don’t lie, but they do keep bumping into things.

1. People Calling You “Thick”

We are not a seven-layer chocolate cake. That is all.


 2. Getting To Your Seat In A Movie Theater

Trying to get out of your seat in a packed movie theater? Yeah, someone’s probably getting a face full of booty. (1)

 3. They Love To Eat


4. You Spend A Lot Of Time Wondering How To Dress Your Body


5. Growing Up, You Were Referred To As “Big Boned”


6. You: Can I Borrow That Lace Shirt Please?
Friend: Ohhh. (Pause.) That One Is Kind Of Small On Me So…

You can never borrow you friend’s clothes.


7. When You Run, You Jiggle So Much That You Almost Need A Seat Belt For Your Body.


But Who Cares, You’re Gorgeous The Way You Are!


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