7 Struggles of A Social Sciences Student

In the social hierarchy of occupations and degrees in our society, Social Sciences would rank at, let’s see, number nowhere? After Doctors and Engineers at the top of the ladder, and for several steps below, the hierarchy ends with the lowly (corporate) slaves who hold the BBA degree. Social Sciences, is, at best, “useless”. These are some of the many struggles you face if you’re a Social Sciences student:

1. Explaining to your parents the million dollar question; WHY?!

WHY did you not opt for medical? WHY Social Sciences? What good will that do you?


2. But not if you’re a girl

Obviously, because its ‘useless’ and because your job at the end of the day is to make gol rotis, why not bide your time studying something that will not teach you anything, and won’t land you a job?

Struggles Social Sciences

3. Explaining to your relatives what Social Sciences means

What do you even study in those classrooms? Or do you study at all?


4. Then explaining what the ‘scope’ is

By scope, they mean ability to earn big bucks with long, lavish cars and a huge bungalow in Defence, basically.

social science students

5. Dealing with the ‘useless’ label

And then you have friends from Media Sciences and Law telling you that you’re not doing anything constructive with your life. Of course.

struggles of an SS student

6. Automatically becoming a ‘rebel’ and a ‘kaafir’

When you learn to see through the misplaced societal standards and notions, and question things, you’re a rebel who will go straight to jahannum.


7. Getting used to 3000 word essays

4000 word term paper? We’ll begin that the night before, and bullshit our way out of it, no problem.


Here’s to hoping that the world outside our classrooms can realize the importance of what we study, and appreciate the way we look at the world. (For you doctors and lawyers and BBA people, the world exists only in one dimension).

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