7 Struggles Of A Grammar Nazi!

If you’ve tried to correct people’s grammar only to be called a ‘grammar nazi’, on multiple occasions, these are the struggles you’ll know to be true:

1. You HAVE to dissect each and every sentence down to the last, most minute grammatical error


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2. And when you’re writing your own essays, your OCD is on high alert



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3. People automatically assume they can send you their essays for proofreading


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4. You’ve been yelled at by friends because to them, it’s annoying af.


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5. Your entire life has been dedicated to making people understand the difference between than and then, and your and you’re.



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6. You try to not judge them when they make the they’re/their mistake, but it’s a Herculean effort, really.



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7. But even though you’re made fun of, you take great pride in being a ‘grammar nazi’



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Btw, it’s grammar and not grammer..

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