7 Struggles Every Matriculation Student Has!

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Unfortunately any student who wishes to become a doctor/engineer (at first anyway) or wants to go to a decent university, goes through this process and regrets it more than anything in their life!

1. Cramming, Cramming, Cramming

Now, each and every soul who has ever given the matric exam knows exactly what I am talking about. No, I don’t mean learning a specific definition by heart because there’s no better way to describe it. I mean CRAMMING. Memorizing everything in every book of your course, all the way down to the page number.

7 Struggles of Matriculation Every Student Has!

2. The Same Syllabus

Anyone who has ever had the chance to experience it first hand, knows that the course outline for 9th and 10th Board examination hasn’t changed since the evolution of time.

Oh, what’s that? You studied all about the apple and Newton back in 7th grade? You know the three laws of physics?

Yeah, well, too bad! You have to do it again and cram!

 Even if your concepts are clear, because you are Jon Snow, the physics teacher is Ygritte and the examiners are White Walkers. You gotta be prepared or you’re going to be joining the army of the dead soon.

7 Struggles of Matriculation Every Student Has!

3. Parental Motivational Talk

If I had a nickel for every-time I heard, “beta Matric kar lo. Agay phir zindagi asaan hay“, or, “The marks you get in matric make or break you“, I’d be able to pay my fee for the higher education I actually need in order to get a job.

7 Struggles of Matriculation Every Student Has!

4. Favoritism

We all know that one kid that is every teacher’s favorite because they have the memory of Mike Ross and never ask any questions in class because they don’t care about what the answer is.

7 Struggles of Matriculation Every Student Has!

They are going to ratta-ofy every word of every page, even the labeling on the diagrams because they don’t care about what’s written. They need MARKS. They can’t afford to lose 0.5 for a spelling mistake because they wrote it EXACTLY how it is in the book. Naturally every teacher adores that child because let’s face it. Who else memorizes every “مضمون” in the Urdu syllabus from ‘Quaid-E-Azam to Sehat hazaar nehmat hay’.

5. Send-ups/Pre-boards

The moment every student dreads from the entire year. The exams that decide your fate. Whether you’ll pass these send-ups and send your admission for board exams as a regular student or God forbid…PRIVATE ADMISSION. The teachers make the exams so hard. Sometimes it even seems like they’re inspired by Virus. Beloved teacher, We ain’t no Phunsuk Wangdu aka Ranchod Das Shyamal Das Chanchad.

7 Struggles of Matriculation Every Student Has!

6. Practicals

Let’s be real. Nobody ever prepares for practicals. You buy your neatly written notebooks from Urdu Bazaar, mark it with a red ballpoint, and just hope the examiner won’t ask you questions you don’t know the answers to because you only learned the extra small version of every definition from the back of your book.

7 Struggles of Matriculation Every Student Has!

Also, let’s not forget when the examiner asks in Viva what your father’s name is and what grade officer he is and give you marks accordingly AFTER taking his mobile number because of course that is exactly the way to measure a person’s intellect.

7. Bribery

Now you know you did your best, and you occasionally look at your friend’s paper who is sitting in front of you to confirm that he is also writing something of the sort, so you can be satisfied, but then you see those scary looking invigilators, who are asking some of the students to help a poor child in need who is blank about the paper, but because for obvious reasons, they know they’ll pass with flying colors of their politician Daddy.

7 Struggles of Matriculation Every Student Has!

Also, these kids never even need to worry about the practicals because their roll number is enough for the examiners to make them ace the papers.

But in the end these are the stories we tell our children like our parents told us. Still very proud to be the original “Matric wali Awaam”!

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