7 Stages You Went Through After Sunday Bazaar Shut Down

1. Desperate for Answers


Wait! The Sunday Bazaar shut down? What? How? When?!!!

2. Denial


It can’t be true. This isn’t happening! I just cannot live without it. Nope. Not happening. No. No. No.

3. Bargaining


Maybe DHA could diminish the contract? Maybe it’ll come back?

4. Confusion


I still don’t understand how is this happening??

5. Anger

giphy (1)

Initially, you may not be able to connect with feelings of anger. But now you are just fuming.

6. Initial Acceptance


You are finally beginning to relax and are relatively calm than before.

7. Re-Directed Hope


The ache is still there, but now you’re finally willing to accept that it’s over. There’s always Friday Bazaar right?

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