7 Smart Ways Pakistani Boys Deal With Tullay

We’ve all been a part of, or at-least heard stories about how one of our friends fooled or got rid of our very own “tullay” (police). Here’s the 7 kinds of smart boys, who we’ll witness whenever a “tulla” will stop them.

1. See Them From a Long Distance and Turn Around

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2. 50 Rupay Main Farigh Karne Wale

pizap.com14396286193831 copy

3. The Nange Bharambaaz

pizap.com14396293369491 copy

4. The Phattu “Mummy-Daddy” Kind…

pizap.com14396312852311 copy

5. Then There Are Those Who’ll Never Stop…

pizap.com14396294867141 copy

6. We All Have a “Jo Bhi Hojaye, Rishwat Nahin Dunga” Kind

pizap.com14396312325481 copy

7. And Lastly, Our Very Own “Emergency” Wale Log

pizap.com14396311664321 copy


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