7 Simple Ways How Muslims can Celebrate Christmas!


Islam teaches us to promote unity, spread love and peace and so does Hazrat Isa (AS). In a society so deprived of reasons to celebrate, Christmas can serve as a breath of fresh air for Muslims, alike. Muslims don’t have to go to Churches or to become a part of the religious activities practiced by Christians to celebrate Christmas. If you think your religious beliefs contradicts with that of Christians, think of them as humans and fellow Pakistanis and celebrate Christmas with them in these 7 simple ways:

1. Greet Your Christian Friends, Neighbors, Colleagues through Text Messages


2. Buy Presents for your Christian Friends, Neighbors or Colleagues


3. Help Them With Christmas Decorations


4. Invite Them Over for Christmas Dinner or send Something Delicious to Their House!


5.  Allow Your Kids to Mingle With Their Kids


 6. Make a Difference in the Lives of Under Privileged Christians


7.  Distribute Chocolate and Sweets Outside Their Churches


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