7 Reasons Why Pakistanis Die To Buy An Iphone

7 Reasons Why Pakistanis Die To Buy An Iphone

We are very close to the release of the new Iphone; a new era of technology as they say; but in all honesty what is it with the mass appeal for the Iphone? Why is it that people go out of their way to get their hands on a slightly modified version of the same thing that they had just bought a few months ago, for quite a lot of money ? It seems more like a why phone than an Iphone. Below are some of the reasons Pakistanis might want or even need the new Iphone.

1. You Needed It to Justify Your Chor Wala Phone


2. You Have More Money Than Mansha and Malik Riaz


3. You Need To Look Burger In Defense


4. You Have A Tough Time Making Good Decisions



5. Your Parents Love To Spoil You


6. You don’t like Using App’s For Free


7. You Have It Hard Wired That The Ultimate Goal In Life Is Getting An Iphone

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