7 Reasons Why Pakistani Boys Get Blocked On Whatsapp!

7 Reasons Why Pakistani Boys Get Blocked On Whatsapp!

Rejection is never easy but as a boy growing up in Pakistan you have faced your fair share of rejection. Here are some of the reasons that girls block Pakistani boys on whatsapp chat and other mediums!

1. Their Sadistic Sense Of Humor

Boys generally have a sense of humor which is not always perceived as funny, sometimes its even hurtful!


2. They Always Think Of The Worst Possible Outcome…


3. Sometimes They Are Too Honest


4. They Are Really Bad At Being Romantic


5. They Run Away From Commitment

They will do anything in their power to keep from saying those three little words


6. Sometimes They Are just Way Too Childish


7. Sometimes They Just Get Too Desperate

 Well, keep doing that and you will never get unblocked!

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