7 Reasons Why Every Pakistani Man Needs A ‘Mooch’

The ever so trending fashion of growing ones upper-lip fuzz in to a wonderfully obtuse shape and size has come back with a bang. Recent history shows that this trend was predominant in Pakistan in the 70’s where the emblem of free love and free flowing facial hair had made its way to our humble shores. However maybe this trends purpose is not just to be aesthetically pleasing and rather it holds some sort of majestic power…

1. It Gives You Ultra Amazing Musical Abilities


2. Your Mooch Is Your Gate Way To Inspire Millions


3. Let’s Not Forget The Stache Gives You Balls Of Steel


4. The Stache Also Helps You Be Smooth As F**K


5. With Great Power Comes Great Mooch Ability


6. Nobody Messes with “The Mooch”


7. And Most Importantly It Keeps You Happy


All in all, the power of the mooch is very ambiguous yet, we have countless examples of how it may not just be an other fashion statement, rather a device which may help you to improve your abilities, personality and maybe even your sex appeal. And even if it does nothing at-least it will make you look super bad-ass.



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