7 Questions Desi Aunties Ask From Every Newlywed Couple

With the start of wedding season, some typical aunties come out like barsaati mendaks with their dil cheerne wali croaks. Mehndi pe yellow he pehnna warna roop nahe aega. Mehndi ka rang pheeka hai, tumhari saas khatrnak aurat hai matlab. Menu mein halwa rakhna naik samjha jata hai. Dulhe walon ki taraf se dulhan ko chadr nae orhai kya? Ughhh!

The photo frame of Hitler along with Genghis Khan and Stalin in her room was enough for the acknowledgment of the reason behind her kind imposition of rules. Even the wedding functions came to an end but not their mufeed mashware! How should the bride enter in the house? With her left foot first or right? What should be the first word she utters? And *censored*

Here are some of the questions they bombarded the newly wed bechara couple with:

1. Koi Khushkhabri?


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The most common question people ask from every newlywed couple! And they just pass a smile. Aunties at some extent do lehaz of sharam parda and not ask about the details. I hope this sharam ka bharam would be long lasting!

2. Mun Dikhai Me Kya Mila?


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When the poor newlywed couple comes out, these aunties are waiting at the door and start scrutinizing them both like any X-Ray machine. And with their kamaal ki maharat, they ask the most pinching questions in a very lighter mode to get the answers, and mun dikhai me kya mila stands at the first position. I hope these aunties can understand the pain!

3. Doodh Piya Tha Raat Me?



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I mean seriously! Aunties never relax after watching the reaction of the poor couple. Inka bass chale to CCTV Cameras lagwaden room mein!

4. Honeymoon Pe Kab Jaoge?

And they are like…


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They have just gotten done with your prescribed rasoomat and its kharchay, and now you are coming up with another one? Reham aunty, reham!

5. Jahez Kay Bertan Nae Khole Kya?


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And if you say no, they suggest you do jehez opening ceremony kyunke “beta, barkat bhi hojaegi sab dekh bhi lenge.”

Everyone knows the chuppa hoa CID officer in you, aunty! don’t you dare do such awful acts!

6. Susral Wale Kaise Hain?


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In real what it means is that she wants to know about the list of gifts you have received from them. Allah Bachae Inki Jaan!

7. Kaale Kapre To Nae Khareede Na?


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The old wives tales circulates all the way throughout the wedding. The color black, according to them, is not the color of happiness so you should throw out half of your wardrobe!

So all in all, it really doesn’t matter what you do, or don’t do, these special “barsati baraati mendaks” will always find something to frown upon. So let’s just try to enjoy our lives the best we can!

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