7 Prohibited Things to Say to Fat People!

Fat People

Do not be the walking talking weighing machine for the fat people around you. They probably check their weight regularly for a surprise of shredding a pound or two, but reminders from people do not make it sound better unless. Just do not be their weight watchers.

1. Are you really going to eat all of it now?

Even if they do, you are not what they eat.


2.Oh you are over thinking, you are not fat!

They know they so stay wise in such situation or be quiet because they are not into eating sugar coating words.


3.How tough is this life?

They are the tough ones putting up with it, or probably it is easier that way and they can knock you down with that strength.


4. Do not stare at them while they eat

Let’s be honest, no one welcomes that kind of pressure.


5. Do not whine about your waist

If they had a solution, they would have it working but do not make it seem harder for them.


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6. Do not ask them if they have tried?

Yes they have, so do not remind them how they failed unless you have a magic trick.


7. And do not be empathetic

You clearly have not been in their shoes and neither it is a bad life, they can take care of themselves.


 Either way, let us just face it that the desi scale for happiness is how much you eat.

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