7 Problems You Face When You Marry A Pakistani Woman

7 Problems You Face When You Marry A Pakistani Woman

1. They Are Too Beautiful For You!

They are very high maintenance! They might put you in severe inferiority complex. FYI, they spend more time on makeup and grooming than the total time span of the event they are supposed to attend.


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2. Too Loyal

Pakistani women make the most considerate, caring, and loving wives ever. Whose ultimate goal in life is to keep their husband happy (No matter how irritating their actions become, they just won’t stop!)


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3. Too Dependent

They will ask you to run all the errands, help them with the household chores and expect you to provide them non-stop pick and drop services as well.


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4. Their High Expectations

You will have to be man enough to meet their expectations. They want their husbands to be just perfect. They will always expect you to treat them like a queen, every day… every single second. It doesn’t matter if you are tired, having a problem or something, you need to meet their expectations, else will have to face the consequences!


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5. They Are Not Shy To Show Their Real Emotions

They might be a bit too expressive for you to handle. They will make sure that you know exactly what kind of emotions they are going through. (Well, they cry in all the cases, just keep that in mind)


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6. The Challenge Of Breaking The Ice

From Baat Paki to engagement, to shaadi, Suhagh Raat, kids and everything, you are supposed to take the initiative. They will make sure that you know that something is wrong with them, but getting to know what’s that is a completely different challenge. All you will ever hear is ‘Kuch Nahi’. But, it’s you who will have to make all the efforts and break the ice! Always!

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7. All The Pakistani Food

If you are already fat, dare not to marry a Pakistani woman. She will make you eat to death. Pakistani women have this strange way of showing their love through food. They will cook everything that you like, that too so delicious that you might end up eating up the whole dish.


Source: Tumblr

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