7 Problems Couples In An Online Relationship Will Relate To

1. The most annoying moment is when you are having a super romantic moment and the WiFi goes off.


2. You have days when you feel extremely lonely and the phrase ‘so close yet so far’ is all you can think of.


3. Your entire life is basically sharing selfies and video calls.


4. Terms like phone sex are all too real for you because you are starved of all kinds of physical intimacy.


5. You are also guilty of going on regular double dates with your lover on Skype and your bestie beside you.


6. Fights are too much of a problem because you’ve got to juggle with words. After all words are all you have.


7.  You’ve often been in a position where you are practically making out with your computer. #GuiltyMuch


Gif source: giphy.com
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