Here’s The Story Behind 7 Passengers Who Forcibly Stood In Aisle During Karachi-Medina PIA Flight

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is once again surrounded by controversy. This time, it is a claim about the national career probing safety breach.

PIA flight that flew from Karachi to Medina, Saudia Arabia reportedly carried 7 extra passengers. Not just that, those 7 extra passengers were forced to stand in aircraft’s aisle throughout the entire flight.

Passengers had their handwritten boarding cards and they scrambled for accommodating in the seats. The Boeing 777 aircraft took off without a reproach at all.



The flight was only permitted to carry 409 passengers during its operation from Karachi to Media, yet it carried 7 extra passengers. Altogether, the passengers onboard were 416 – exceeding the limit.

Daniyal Gilani, a PIA correspondent confirms that an intrinsic investigation is underway –

“The matter pertaining to the travel of more passengers than the booked load and strict action would be taken against anyone found at fault.”

Still, he dismissed any certainty of the flight carrying extra passengers. He termed such claims as “baseless & exaggerated”. He further added,

“It isn’t possible for anyone to travel like that in an aircraft, regardless of the duration of the flight.”

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