7 Occasions When Pakistani Politicians Thrashed Police, Security & Public Officials

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Ever since Pakistan has emancipated from the British rule, the country is stuck in the vicious cycle of nepotism, corruption, and misuse of power.

On Thursday, social media platforms were inundated with the video of the wife of some colonel. In the video, she could be seen misbehaving with the police officials on the Hazara Motorway in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Meanwhile, she tried to use the name of her husband and pass the security checks at the check post.

However, the misuse of public power has long been a part of the history of Pakistan. Be it, ministers, members of provincial assemblies, or members of the National Assembly, the book is divulged with the incidents of misuse of power in the country.

The list is quite long. From Shireen Mazari to wife of a National Accountability Bureau (NAB) official, people in Pakistan have been misbehaving and abusing their public offices in the past.

Here are some of the posts and videos from social media over misuse of power by local politicians and dignitaries, to refresh your memory.

Shireen Mazari

Do you remember how Shireen Mazari removed the barriers when police stopped her from entering ‘Bani Gala’?

Tourism Minister and Law Minister, Gilgit Baltistan

“The weather is bad you say. The weather is bad for one flight and not the other?” The minister burst out incredulously before asking the man in uniform about his designation. “I am the arrival in charge,” The man in uniform said. At this the irate minister vexation turned to hostility. Minster asked him to bring the manager of operations and shoved the arrival in charge, causing him to skid across the floor and stumble.

However, the then chief justice of Pakistan later took notice of the incident. “Did you push [the airport official]?” “Are you educated?” “Were you in your senses at the time?” The then CJP Nisar asked the minister in the court. “I did push him, but there is a story behind it,” the minister replied.

Hamza Shahbaz

A News channel ‘Public TV’ showcases how Hamza Shahbaz, the son of Shabaz Sharif, shoving and refuting a policeman.

PML-N MPA Farzana Butt

The lady MPA is thrashing, pushing the police constables in the worst possible manner.

MPA Majeed Achakzai from Balochistan

This how these politicians ruin the law. After negotiating with the family of the martyred policeman the accused was absolved in the case.

MPA Azma Bukhari from Punjab

How unfortunate it is that a lady on a higher position is behaving in such a manner with the constables and sepoys.

MNA Ali Wazir

This is how member of the National Assembly, Ali Wazir misbehaved with a soldier protecting lives of people.

The aforementioned incidents are just some examples. In a nutshell, politicians across Pakistan have been found guilty of misusing public offices. It is not only the Army officers and their wives but other officials too. It is pertinent to mention here,  Chief of Army Staff is going to take action against the colonel and his wife.


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