7 Myths About Pakistan That Goras Believe In

Pakistan, it may be one of the most misunderstood countries around. What most people don’t see is what lies beneath the media coverage highlighting just the challenges facing the country today. There is a lot more to Pakistan than meets the lay eye.

1. Women Are Suppressed In Pakistan

Contrary to the stereotype there’s a list of women which can prove the above statement wrong. Pakistan has produced the world’s youngest female Microsoft Certified Professional (honoured by Bill Gates)


Sana Mir Pakistan’s Women’s National Cricket Team Captain. She gave up her admission in an engineering degree to pursue this passion.


2. No Focus On Sports In Pakistan

Pakistan has produced some of the best squash, hockey and cricket players in the world.  In the last year alone Pakistan won gold, silver and bronze positions in international cricket, hockey, snooker, tennis and bodybuilding championships, including its female teams. Pakistan also won 30+ medals at the Special Olympics 2015.


We also happen to have the highest polo ground.

3. The Creative Industry Of Pakistan Is a Fail

Where do we start? In 2014 alone, both a Pakistani costume designer and animator won Oscars for their work in Disney blockbusters. A female film maker and former Oscar documentary winner also bagged an Emmy award.


4. There Are No Places To See In Pakistan

Brandon StantonSophee Smiles and David Kaszlikowski would state otherwise. Pakistan is one of the most beautiful places on earth with its natural beauty in the northen areas.


5. No Place For Activists In Pakistan

 The past few years have seen increasing groups of civil society engaging in active protest including doctors, nurses, lawyers and persons with disabilities. Pakistanis have actually broken the record of the longest sit in protest in the world in 2014 where political activists gathered in the capital city Islamabad for 126 days in anti-government protests.


7.Pakistan Hasn’t Produced Any Smart People

There are many credible achievements and contributions to the list of successful individuals living in and out of Pakistan. Anum Fatima completed her B. A from CBM and is now being sent to Harvard Business School for a Summer Exchange Programme on a full scholarship


There is no denying the relentless realities of corruption, injustice and violence which plague the country today, but there are two sides to every coin.

Source: Huffington Post

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