7 Movies On The Lives Of Famous Scientists And Philosophers

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Sometimes it is the people no one can imagine anything of who do things no one can imagine. ― Alan Turing

This list accumulates some blockbusters like 4 academy award winning movie “A Beautiful Mind” which is a biopic of Noble Prize winner, American Mathematician John Nash who suffered from paranoid schizophrenia. The list also talks about other inspiring figures including scientists, mathematicians, philosophers, and thinkers who survived through extraordinary conditions. The following movies are listed according to the IMDB rating:

1. A beautiful mind

Source: Cecelia Dowdy

It tops the list with no surprise. Directed by Ron Howard, this movie is based on the life of John Nash  who suffers from paranoid schizophrenia, however being based on a life of mathematician a beautiful mind is an emotional, touching and intense film portraying the life of a brilliant academic and how his illness slowly takes over his life His struggle against his illness and after years of fighting, receiving The noble prize.

2. The imitation game

Source: Film Music Notes

The movie is based on the life of English mathematician, logician, and father of modern computer science. Benedict Cumberbatch’s has remarkably portrayed the life of English mathematician who broke the German war cryptographic machine enigma and saved the lives of thousands of people, he was also convicted of gross indecency in 1952 for his relations with the man but rather than going to jail he accepted injections of estrogen intended to neutralize his libido.

3. The Theory of Everything

Source: The Soul of the Plot

It’s a  beautiful screenplay of the famous Cambridge physicist Stephen Hawking who suffered from motor neuron disease; and his relationship with his wife. The movie won an Academy Award for best actor.

4. Agora

Source: IMDb

A historical movie based on the life of philosopher Hypatia of Alexandria the daughter of philosopher Theon of Alexandria. She was the first significant female figure to contribute to the development of mathematics. she was a brilliant speaker and scholar. This movie is also concerned with a slave who falls in love with his mistress and eventually takes her life to spare her from the pain of being stoned alive.

5. The man who knew infinity

Source: The Daily Galaxy

It’s based on the life of Indian autodidact Srinivasa Ramanujan who contributed in the field of mathematics. The film addresses his life from Madras to Cambridge and his interesting academic relationship with English Mathematician G.H. Hardy.

6. Hannah Arendt

Source: Offscreen

The film is based on the life of Holocaust survivor German-Jewish philosopher Hannah Arendt. The film focuses on reporting Hannah did for  The New Yorker on the Adolf Eichmann trial in Jerusalem. It’s an interesting film in terms of ideas and philosophy.

7. Creation

Source: Hollywood Outbreak

Centered around the life of famous English naturalist Charles Robert Darwin his relationship with his wife. and his journey to write his famous book The origin of species which is considered the foundation of Evolutionary biology.

These are just ordinary human with extraordinary ability of thinking putting their thoughts into ideas and getting to know the world a little more.

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