7 Major Changes That Have Happened In Indian Occupied Kashmir After Removal Of Article 370!

Prime Minister Narendra Modi included nullification of Article 370 in his party’s election manifesto in 2019. It was clear that Modi along with the extremist Hindu party Bharatiya Janata was against the special status given to occupied-Kashmir that is predominantly Muslim by the article in question.

Kashmir has been suffering for more than 30 years at the hands of the Indian government and armed forces that have long been violating Kashmiris’ basic human rights committing mass murder, victimizing women subjecting them to sexual abuse and so much more. Revoking Article 370 was the last straw that has shown India’s true colors to the entire world; even to those that have always turned a blind eye to India’s extremist narrative that never supported Muslims.

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Article 370 gave them a right to have their own identity and special rights which has now very conveniently been snatched away from them without taking the people into consideration but only caring for their own selfish agendas by dominating the land through any means. Sadly, the long-standing dispute was not between Pakistan and India only over the Indian occupied-valley but was more about the people of Kashmir that didn’t accept India’s rule and have been demanding freedom for decades.

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 7 Major Changes Followed After The Removal Of 370. 

  1. One of the biggest advantages Indian-occupied Kashmir had was their right to self-govern that Article 370 clearly stated. Unfortunately, the power to autonomy has been taken away leaving them with no state government or special powers.
  2. Kashmiris could have two citizenships; one of Kashmir state and the other of India. Now, they will hold single citizenship, only.
  3. Jammu and Kashmir before scraping of the article could have a separate flag of their own but that too has been scraped away along with the Article. Their flag now will be of India.
  4. Indians weren’t allowed to buy and own any property in J&K. However, now they can buy property and land which is a direct threat to the locals of that land, as there is a massive possibility of Indians uprooting them much like what Israelis has done to the people of Gazans.
  5. Duration of the legislative assembly was for 6 years before and now has been reduced to 5.
  6. The women marrying outside Jammu and Kashmir were to lose their right to state citizenship. Now the article 370 has been revoked, it gives women the right to retain all her rights including Indian citizenship.
  7. Panchayats [village councils] had no right under active article 370, now they do in J&K as in all states of India.

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The current situation doesn’t bear any good news as the Kashmiris have fought for their freedom for generations and this might lead to more protests and anarchy. There is a reason thousands of troops were deployed beforehand. As for international intervention, this seems like the only hope for now.

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