7 Legitimate Reasons Why Your GPA Doesn’t Really Matter!

We have been force fed the idea that our GPA is like a magical unicorn that will help us transcend to amazing heights of success and and incomparable job opportunities. Ever since we were little kids, we have been told that our grades are the only things that mater. “If you don’t get an A you won’t succeed in life”, “if Your GPA falls bellow 3 you won’t get any opportunities to excel” However these are all scare tactics that parents and teachers use to make their job easier, instead of intellectually stimulating children they just trow them into the rat race of getting good grades.

Here are seven legitimate reasons why your GPA Doesn’t matter at all…         

1. Your G.P.A Is Not An Accurate Measure Of Your Intelligence.

People are vastly complicated creatures, with many layers to their personality, knowledge bank and intelligence. One number between 0-4 can not define them!


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2. Students Who Have Very High G.P.A’s Often Lack People Skills.

Not Saying that this is always the case, but students who have their nose in a book and forgo friends, relatives and social events to get a good G.P.A sometimes end-up not developing their inter personal skills, which are necessary to get ahead in life.

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3. It’s Just A Measure Of How Well You Conform To The System.

If you can wrote learn or memorize what the teacher says in class, you will get a high GPA even if you don’t fully understand the subject.

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4. People Who Are Only Book Smart Have Difficulty with Practical Life Skills.

Yes, you may be able to ratofy a book cover to cover but can you balance a cheque book or apply for a car loan? I think not!

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5. Companies Prefer To Hire People With Normal G.P.A’s And More Extra circular Activities and community work.

It’s common hiring practice that companies would go for a candidate with a lower GPA (2.9 to 3.4) and more real world skills or extra curricular because working in an office is like working in a team, you need to know how to gel with people.


6. Experience And Contacts Count More Than Grades

Simply put, “Your Network Is Your Net Worth” the more people you know the more piratical work you have done the better your CV and prospects will look. Otherwise all you have to your name is a high GPA which does’t prove anything.


7. Your G.P.A Doesn’t Pay Your Bills

The last and most important, your GPA does not pay your bills you have to do whatever it takes to make your way in life, your high G.P.A will not pave a golden path for you, nor will it send you a high achievers cheque in the mail every month.


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