7 Insane Stories Of People Who Successfully Mailed Themselves

In 1913 and 1914, ‘mailing’ people weighing less than 50 pounds was legal. So attempts by these people, to mail themselves to their chosen destination, as ‘human letters’ are worth taking a look at . . .

1. Sandra De Los Santos

This Cuban woman shipped herself to Miami in a box with nothing more than a jug of water and a cell phone. She was taken into custody at the airport though


2. Henry ‘Box’ Brown

A similar story that has also been compiled into a Childrens book, tells the story of an african-american slave from 1849 who sat through a 27 hour long journey in a 3×2 feet box with water and some biscuits, in an attempt to be a part of the movement that abolished slavery


3. Charles McKinley

Having gone undetected during the flight, this guy was caught during the last part of his journey from New York to Dallas when he mailed himself to his parents in an attempt to save the air-fare


 4. Elspeth D. McClelland

This incident is displayed in a British Museum as an image of the time when Elspeth mailed herself and a fellow activist, Daisy, to the Prime Minister of England. Since human delivery through an express post was legal at that time, they made it till the office until they were returned by the guards


5. Richard Lee McNair

Making use of his job as a mailbag repairer, he crawled into a pile of mailbags and mailed himself out of the prison. When the ‘mailbags’ were dropped at a warehouse, he crawled out and walked away easily


6. W. Reginald Bray

Another incident that inspired a book, the first man to successfully send a human through mail in 1900


7. Reg Spiers

Though he was a famous athlete and javelin thrower, after going broke in an attempt to qualify for the Olympic Team in England, he mailed himself back to Australia after building a human sized wooden box with a friend




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