7 Ideas For Home Décor To Give Your Abode A Refreshing Look!

7 Ideas For Home Décor

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Last year was all about decorating our homes with flamboyant flamingos, splashy hues, and Scandinavian inspired décor but 2019 holds new trends with neutral color schemes and metallic home décor in the trend stakes.

If you want to reinvigorate your décor with bold hues then you’re at the right place because we’ve compiled a list of some of the top home décor ideas of 2019 that’ll help beautify your home.

Read on and add pops of bright hues to your space to give your home the perfect luxurious touch.

Decorative Fringe

Decorative fringe is the new home décor trend this year that gives you not only a flirty touch but also serves as a lovely decoration to your home.

The fringy goodness is not only reserved for rugs, blankets, and pillows. Furthermore, sporting decorative fringe can also be used on mirrors, furniture, and entryway light fixtures using sculptural fibres.

Bold Hues

Though neutral colours are always the best choice; splashy hues are ready to take over completely this year. Hence, feel braver with bold hues either on your furniture or walls in 2019.

The hues are set to be brooding emerald green, striking violet and bold navy for a recent year.

7 Ideas For Home Décor


Mystique dark woods

2019 is the year of bold choices even in furniture pieces due to the huge popularity of the Scandinavian trends of recent years. This is the year of revival for retro glamour rather than pale, bleached woods that give your home a contemporary look.

Although the glam dark woods were the old trend; it’s ready to take the centre stage this year.

7 Ideas For Home Décor


Minimalist – theme Bedroom

It’s time to stop being infatuated with luxurious bedroom décor; considering it’s a room where you relax more the entire day. This is why interior designers have introduced the minimalist-themed bedroom trend; that allows you to use the neutral hues in the bedroom with extra comfy knitted blankets and extravagantly soft bed sheets.

This theme not only gives your bedroom a contemporary look but also helps you get into the sleep zone faster.

7 Ideas For Home Décor

Scoop whoop

Natural Furnishing

It’s time to obsess over the natural wood furnishing throughout your home to give it a more natural look! Use stylish and sober live edge-wood countertop, wooden pieces and rugged bar stools in the living room as well as in the kitchen.

7 Ideas For Home Décor


Wabi-Sabi Style

Say goodbye to natural and simple things and try woven items made from fibrous supplies such as shelves and baskets with a wabi-sabi touch!

7 Ideas For Home Décor


Metallic Home Décor

Metallic home décor is not a new trend but now designers have brought some innovation by introducing some new metallic finishes. So, this year, step away from copper and rose gold and choose brass; it’s classier and a good choice from the metallic hue palette.

7 Ideas For Home Décor

Real Simple

The hand-painted floral wallpapers, brass furniture, and mirrors are a pitch-perfect case; that not only anchor space but also add a luxurious finish and sparkle to any room, especially the small living room.

These home décor trends not only give your room a shimmery touch but also add a neutral finish to your home.

Let us know which ideas you’ll pick to reinvigorate your décor next time!

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