5 Home-Based Bakeries In Pakistan You Must Try!

Home-based bakeries delivering a variety of scrumptious desserts have become the talk of the town. Customizable cupcakes and cakes, pavlovas, meringues and macarons, they haven’t left one dessert untouched. Here’s a list of 5 home-based bakeries in Pakistan you must try;

1. Blissful Delights by Hafsa Zulfiqar

Probably the youngest in the lot, Blissful Delights is currently based in Lahore, and offers a wide variety of desserts that will leave you aching for more. From cheesecake shooters to macaroons, and customized cakes to peanut butter swirl brownies, Blissful Delights By Hafsa Zulfiqar will deliver the dessert of you choice to your doorstep!

blisful delightsSource:

2. Sam’s Cake Factory

With an outlet operational at Malir Cantt, Sam’s Cake Factory promises you a variety of customized cakes and cupcakes that are pure perfection in terms of both, presentation and taste. Sam’s Cake Factory offers a variety of other desserts and savory items too, with a delivery service.

Sam's cake factory


3.  Crumbs

Taking great pride in being the first bakery to introduce cookie cakes in Pakistan, Crumbs offers delectable cookie cakes that are customizable too.

The Reese cookie cake

The Reese cookie cake


4. The Poached Pear

Operated by Masala Tv’s chef, Yasha Siddiqui, The Poached Pear can be credited for introducing the Pavlova in the K-town. The bakery offers a variety of other desserts the likes of Belgian chocolate tarts and meringues.



5. Goodsies Cupcakes

Goodsies cupcakes specializes in theme based, customized cakes and cupcakes for all occasions. Their 3D customized cakes are a treat to look at!


Which one are you trying first?


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