7 Hilarious Tweets On Taher Ul Qadri’s Birthday

Mubarak ho, mubarak ho! Its trending #HappyQuaidDay19thFeb on Twitter!

But its not Quaid e Azam’s birthday today is it?! Well, for TUQ fans this day is equally important and they are taking social media by the storm in devotion to their beloved leader; Taher Ul Qadri.

For a person of such great significance and fan following in Pakistan, we decided to compile some of the best tweets that explain the importance of this day;

1. Too Many Quaids


2. Inqilaab

3. Birthday Gift for Quaid

4. We take Quaid too seriously, don’t we? Wait, we should…

5. Love is in the air; this one’s legit!

6. Forgive and Forget

7. Mr Fraudiye?


Happy birthday Quaid, thank you for keep us entertained!

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