7 Hilarious Lessons I Learned From Bin Roye…

Bin Roye has taken cinema’s all over by storm. The cast, the clothes, the cinematography. Pretty much every other person has applauded the efforts of the Pakistani film industry for this melodramatic soap opera. However, I see it pretty differently. Here is what Bin Roye taught me…

Bin Roye Lesson #1: Andhon Ki Tarah Road Par Nahi Chalna Chaiye

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Bin Roye Lesson #2: Muft Mey Kisi Ko Free Nahi Karwana Chaiye

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Bin Roye Lesson #3: Never Reveal Your Sinister Plans In Front Of Your Daadi

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Bin Roye Lesson #4: Since A Child Needs A Mother At Night

You should marry anyone next in line.. once your wife passes away ofcourse

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Bin Roye lesson #5: A Director Should Never Make A Movie If In Hurry Or Has To Go Somewhere..

He ends up shitting and messing everywhere..


Bin Roye Lesson #6: Pehli Biwi Ko 15 Lakh Aur Dosri Ko 1 Lakh Mehar Par Farigh Karo..

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Bin Roye Lesson #7: Chaye Larki Ho Ya Larka.. Amreeki Hona Zarori Hai

You can always turn a love tragedy into a psychotic thriller – for example bin roye. I am sure whoever wrote bin roye is a George R R Martin fan

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