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7 Habits Of Smart People We Should All Practice

Yep. If you don’t practice these habits, you should start now. Because these are the habits and traits all smart people practice and possess;

1. They’re not dependent on other people for validation or to get their work done.


Source: youthconnect.in

2. They’re careful about who they trust, and what they say to whom.


Source: gurl.com

3. They’re quick to learn from mistakes.


Source: giphy.com

4. They don’t procrastinate.


Source: blog.jackwelch.strayer.edu

5. They’re persistent in their efforts.


Source: vungle.com

6. They don’t hold grudges.


Source: listaka.com

7. They’re not complacent.



And by now, I mean now. Read point # 4.

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