7 Female Pakistani Instagrammers That Are Absolutely Slaying it

Instagram has emerged as one of the biggest social media platforms on the internet. With over 400 million active users, the conception of the platform tipped the balance back towards the users to build high paying careers out of their accounts.

The colorful display, the high picture quality, and mesmerizing filters make the platform a very fun photo sharing experience. Many people have risen to the challenge to creatively push the boundaries on the utilization of this unique app and its friendly community.

The Pakistani user base of IG has seen many creative and informative galleries that cater to almost everyone. And just in case you’re not familiar with them, we have compiled a list of 7 Pakistani females of Instagram that are absolutely slaying the game.

1. Mahoor Jamal

I colored her. Edit: The shawl lost all details here ?

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With over 700 artistic posts and about 18,000 followers on her gallery, Mahoor is a joy to follow. Her detailed artwork combined with beautiful colors makes her pictures very pleasant to look at. You will find yourself immersed completely as soon as you open her account.

2. Shehzeen Rehman

Shehzeen Rehman aka the desi wonder woman is based in UAE and has emerged as one of the most successful social media personalities from Pakistan. Her gallery is themed around her ongoing projects which run on her website where she talks about everything from relationships ,food, health and fitness to skin and hair care tips and products and everything else in between.

She also holds large giveaways on her website every year which basically makes her account a must-follow for everyone using the platform. (let’s face it, we all like free things!!)

3. Amenah Jafrey

This account with over 13,000 followers chronicles the life of an artistic medical student and he pictures successfully project her inner artist. The posts often star her cute little typewriter, which now has its own unique personality.

It’s often considered that medical students and doctors have a very narrow range of interests but Amenah not only breaks that stereotype, she balances her hobbies with her studies very efficiently as well. Her ukulele playing skills, her love for reading, painting and photography is very effectively expressed throughout her gallery.

4. Fauzia Zafar – Rants of a desi bride

What started off as a journal-like account of her wedding preparations turned into a fun to follow lifestyle related blog. The unique aspect about her account is that the focus has been shifted from the pictures to entirely on the captions. The photographs are usually taken through her cell-phone and do not include anything particularly different than anything you and I are capable of.

The entire focus, as mentioned previously, rests upon the caption. The captions are an absolute joy to read. They’re funny and witty and flow right out of your tongue. Her unique writing style is often felt as a conversation between her and her audience which makes the account very personable and helps the reader form a special bond with the Desi Bride herself.

Follow her account for a daily dose of positivity and relatability!

5. Nida Alvi

Her gallery has mood swings. A Lahore-based photographer, her picture roll is composed of everything from weddings to nature. If you’re looking for inspiration, you might need a little bit of her in your news feed everyday!

6. Zainab M

Zainab does a wonderful job capturing the real essence of the beautiful city of Lahore. From architecture to photographing the usual hustle bustle of the city, the gallery can open many doors in your mind and can spark a lot of inspiration.

7. Aiza Khan

– Switching gears a little as I share some photos from my last holiday in Turkey ?

A photo posted by aiza h. khan ? (@aiza_hammad) on

This account showcases not just beautiful pictures in natural light but also pairs them with equally beautiful captions. If you are someone who seeks beauty in the little things in life, this account is a definite addition to your timeline. Beware: looking at this account might make you want to run away from the city life and enjoy the peace in remote areas of Pakistan.

She effortlessly captures the true essence of being a wanderlust.

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