7 Effective Ways to Stop Biting Your Nails

Nail-biting is common among youngsters and adults worldwide. While some bite their nails seldom, some bite their nails constantly. Nails aside, chewing continues onto the surrounding skins and cuticles in severe cases. Although bitten nails look ugly and make your hands look unkempt too, many people fail to resist biting their nails.

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Did you know that repeated nail-biting can damage your nails permanently and cause stomach and oral infections?

While it seems impossible to break this habit, you can do following to keep yourself from chewing your nails:

1. Use Bitter Gourd

It is a bitter advice, but it can help you a lot in quitting this habit. Make a paste of bitter gourd or extract its juice and apply it on your nails. The bitterness will keep your nails away from your mouth and you will able to quit this bad habit. Apply the extract or paste daily until you are able to resist nail-biting.

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2. Color Your Nails

Nail polishes can also help you stop biting your nails. Whenever you will try to bite your nails, the unpleasant smell and taste of nail paint will repel you from nibbling them.

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While you can use common nail polishes, you can prepare an anti-nail biting polish using various types of vegetables. Apply it on your nails and allow it to dry. The bitter and repulsive taste of the veggies will stop you from chewing your nails.

3. Cover Your Hands

Looking at your nails might tempt you into gnawing your nails again and again. So, hide your nails by wearing gloves even if it is blistering summer. This will motivate you to control even the worst nail-biting habit.

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Give yourself a tough time to get rid of this habit once and for all. The more ridiculous and weird you will look, the more motivated you will feel to allow your nails to grow.

4. Wear Artificial Nails

Those who bite nails must thank the cosmetics industry for rolling out various kinds of artificial nails. You can avoid biting your nails by wearing artificial nails. In addition, they  enhance the beauty of your hands. However, make sure that you don’t wear them while eating or cooking.

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The artificial nails cover your original nails beautifully. While you can wear them yourself, seek the help of an esthetician or nail specialist in case of difficulty.

5. Keep Healthy Snacks By Your Side

Your nails might be your favorite indulgence in times of stress. Instead of chomping down on your hands, keep some healthy snacks in your bag and at your workstation to have them whenever you feel stressed out. Eat fruits, vegetable or munch few almonds instead of biting your nails. While you will be able to quit nail-biting, the fruits and veggies will keep you healthy as well.

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6. Seek Medical Help

Some people have a chronic habit of biting nails. It is so severe that they damage the cuticle area and surrounding skin. While eating surrounding skin can be painful, a damaged cuticle area gives home to bacteria and viruses. Hence, there is an increased risk of getting nail infections.
In this situation, it is recommended to get medical help.

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7. Make a Commitment to Yourself

Having a strong will is very important. Just remind yourself that you can do it and stay committed to your goal.
Remember, your nails are there for a purpose! Don’t treat them like a snack. Instead, keep them trimmed, clean and tidy.

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